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10 Iodine Rich Foods for Hypothyroidism Treatment

An iodine deficiency is the leading cause of hypothyroidism in most countries. Iodine is readily available in many of the foods you already like to eat. You can improve your thyroid hormone production by including these foods in your diet on a regular basis.


foods for hypothyroidism 600

Strawberries take the tenth place in the list of iodine rich foods for hypothyroidism. While this delicious fruit is low in calories, and has iodine in it naturally, the main problem with eating it to help with hypothyroidism is the fact that strawberries have been linked to the formation of goiters.

Navy beans

Is a delicious and nutritious item from the list of iodine rich foods for hypothyroidism?

Navy beans iodine rich food for hypothyroidism


You need to cook your potatoes with the skins on them to get the iodine and many of the other nutrients these tubers have in them. Baked potatoes with skins or even fried potatoes with skins are good ways to eat them and get the iodine they have. They are also high in potassium as well.

potatos rich in iodine and good for hypothyroidism

Turkey Breast

You may joke about the tryptophan that this meat contains at Thanksgiving time, but turkey breast is an excellent source of iodine that provides you with a lean way to get more protein in your diet as well. Turkey breast can be placed on sandwiches, salads, and ground turkey breast can be used as a hamburger substitute.

turkey breast rich in iodine

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Eggs provide us with an ample percentage of our daily requirements of iodine. Eggs are used in many of the foods we cook, and they are often eaten alone. These hen fruits are inexpensive and easily prepared so that everyone enjoys them. They are also a very good source of protein.

eggs are great rich in iodoine

Iodized salt

Out of all of the iodine rich foods for hypothyroidism iodized salt is the most commonly consumed? It is readily available in markets all over the world and is relatively cheap to purchase.

salt for hypothyroidism treatment


Eating just three ounces of cod will provide you with 100mcg of iodine. That is equivalent to about sixty six percent of the daily recommended amount of iodine. Cod is also an excellent source of low fat protein and essential minerals you need to stay healthy and productive.

cod fish rich in iodine good for hypothyroidism treatment

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When you eat a cup of yogurt you will receive about 100 mcg of iodine, but you are also going to get a healthy dose of protein from eating that yogurt. You are going to get probiotics that your body needs along with calcium and other essential minerals. Eating yogurt helps to improve your digestive system. You do want to try and select the natural yogurt and steer clear of the highly processed yogurts.

yogurt rich in iodine

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Cranberries are one of those foods that are simply good for you to eat no matter what. Cranberries are naturally low in fat and calories. They are high in iodine and contain almost every vitamin that your body needs. They are a high fiber food so they will help promote good colon health. For every one cup of cranberries that you eat you will get about 400 mcg of iodine.

Cranberries rich in iodine

Thyroid assist hypothyroidism treatment for relieving hypothyroidism

By including a seaweed salad in your meal plans once or twice a week you will likely be able to reach your iodine requirements. If you do not like to eat seaweed then you could consider taking iodine supplements that are made from this ocean vegetation. Seaweed is considered the best out of all of the iodine rich foods for hypothyroidism.

If you serious about boosting you thyroid gland with an iodine rich diet we recommend that you give Thyroid Assist – Helps Boost Your Thyroid a try!

For more information we recommend you visit The Office of Dietary Supplements post on Iodine’s role in you thyroid gland functions.

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