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10 Things you must know about Hypothyroid
10 Things you must know about Hypothyroid

10 Things you must know about Hypothyroid

When you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism there are so many questions that you will have. Most people want to know the top 10 things you must know about hypothyroid before they even leave the doctor’s office, but the truth is there are top ten things you should know in several different categories.

10 things you must know about hypothyroid and food

Some foods that we consider to be healthy foods are actually dangerous to people who have a thyroid hormone deficiency. This is due to the fact that when these healthy foods are eaten raw they can cause you to have goiters. Goiters are lumps that form in your neck in a close proximity to the thyroid gland. To avoid goiters and minimize the symptoms you have from your underactive thyroid you should always eat the following foods cooked and never eat them raw.

  1. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, greens including mustards, spinach, kale, and turnips, potatoes, corn, radishes, and Brussels sprouts.
  2. You should avoid the following fruits in their raw forms: strawberries, peaches, and pears.
  3. You should not eat anything that contains white flour.
  4. Avoid cakes and pies made with white sugars as sweeteners.
  5. Avoid packed lunch meats because they often have sugar and corn syrup added for preserving and additional flavor.
  6. Avoid beverages that are sweetened with sugar and corn syrup.
  7. Substitute air popped corn for fat laden chips
  8. Your salt should be iodized
  9. Liver and organ meats provide your body with additional iron
  10. Dairy is very good for you, but avoid ice cream, and yogurts that have added sugars and corn syrup.

10 things you must know about hypothyroid and the symptoms of this condition

The top ten symptoms that people experience when their thyroid is underactive are:

  1. Weight gain that does not coincide with lifestyle changes or dietary changes
  2. Hair loss
  3. Being intolerant to cold temperatures
  4. Dry skin that itches
  5. Men have a decreased sexual desire
  6. Women often have changes in their menstrual cycles
  7. The thyroid gland swells and become prominent
  8. Constipation
  9. Unexplainable fatigue
  10. Muscle soreness that does not have an explanation

10 things you must know about hypothyroid and available treatments

When you have a medical condition then one of your main concerns is how the doctors will treat the condition. When you have an underactive thyroid gland there are several different things the doctors will try alone, and together to get your thyroid hormones to the proper levels.

  1. If the imbalance is very low the doctor may watch to see if it corrects itself, especially in pregnant women
  2. Medications to make your body increase thyroid hormone production
  3. The surgical removal of the thyroid gland
  4. The increase of iodine in your diet
  5. The increase of iron rich foods like liver
  6. Supplements to correct a low iron count
  7. Supplements to correct a low selenium count
  8. Supplements to correct a low iodine count
  9. The reduction of raw foods that are known to cause goiters
  10. The reduction of over processed foods with little nutritional significance

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