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5 Tips on How to Treat Hypothyroidism with Exercise
5 Tips on How to Treat Hypothyroidism with Exercise

5 Tips on How to Treat Hypothyroidism with Exercise

Treating hypothyroidism with exercise is one of the ways that doctors recommend to their patients. Proper diet, exercise, and when needed synthetic thyroid replacement medications are used to relieve the symptoms and improve the hormone production of the thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution

Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution

5 Tips on How to Treat Hypothyroidism with Exercise

  1. Aerobic exercise like walking, running, jogging, and fun activities like Zumba, will raise your heart rate and your metabolism. You need to engage in some physical activity that gets your heart rate above seventy and that challenges your body. Once you have reached a higher heart rate through the exercise routine your body will continue to burn more calories for several hours after you have stopped.
  2. Strength and toning exercise will raise your metabolism as well. When you do exercises designed to strengthen your muscles you cause those muscles to burn more calories because they are working harder. Doing these exercises may not make you lose a lot of weight according to the bathroom scales because muscle mass weighs more than fat. To see your results from this type of exercising you need to take your measurements often and watch how your body shape is changing.
  3. If you work in an office all day and have little time to get outside where you can do aerobic exercises then you can exercise while sitting in your desk. To start with you need to sit up straight and quit slouching. It takes more energy to hold your posture correctly than it does to slouch down. Bouncing your legs under the desk will help to burn some of the extra calories you consume. Stand up and walk around the office as often as you can to keep the blood flowing to your extremities and keep the heart pumping. Treating hypothyroidism with exercise will mean that you are going to have to be flexible on your exercise schedule.
  4. Household chores can be used to increase your metabolism rate. Get off of the couch and dust all of your furnishings including those ceiling fans. Sweep and mop all of the floors that you can. Vacuum the rugs and under the cushions of the furniture. Do not forget to move the furniture and get the dirt out from under it.
  5.  Going to an indoor mall and walking the halls outside of the shops is a great way to help boost your metabolism when the weather permits you from being outdoors. When temperatures start to soar above ninety five degrees and the humidity levels climb along with them the best thing you can do is exercise indoors. The same thing is true when the outside temperature starts to plummet below thirty degrees. Go somewhere that you can exercise indoors to protect your body.

Exercising is a great way to make your body burn some of the excess fat stores that you have. The exercises will not show a progress unless you are also making lifestyle changes with the foods you eat. Stop drinking all of the beverages that are loaded with sugars and corn syrups. Stop eating high fat and high carbohydrate foods. Find natural replacements that have more nutrition and fewer calories.

Having said all that, not all exercise is recommended and might even be dangers for you. Take a look at this approach to Hypothyroidism exercise   Hypothyroidism Exercise

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