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You Might Need a Diet to lose weight After All


Hypothyroidism is one of the most common endocrine disorders. Unfortunately people who are known to suffer from hypothyroidism usually suffer from overweight. The problem is that even if you complete the necessities incurred due to the sub-activity of the gland, ...

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What Yoga should Hypothyroidism Patient Practice

yoga and hypothyroidism

Those of you suffering from hypothyroid often have very little energy to perform exercises with. It’s hard enough just making it through the day without the added stress of exercising and working out. One great type of exercise that people ...

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Facts on Selenium Deficiency and Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland produces low amounts of the hormones T-3 and T-4. These hormones are used by many of the systems in the body so when their levels drop the body’s systems cannot function as ...

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11 Selenium Rich Foods to Treat Hypothyroidism

selanium rich foods

Selenium is a trace mineral found in foods that are needed by the human body. Low selenium counts can lead to autoimmune disorders, problems with conception and fertility, and low levels are reported to be linked to stomach cancer and ...

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Hypothyroidism Inspiration Quotes

Hypothyroidism Inspiration Quotes 1

Since thyroid hormones regulate metabolism in every cell in the body, a lack of these hormones can affect nearly all body functions. The severity of symptoms in adults starts from slight shortage, that might hardly be discovered, to situations of severe shortages, ...

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Connection between Hypothyroidism and Weight Gain

I keep hearing about the thyroid gland context with overweight and in extreme cases obesity

I keep hearing about the thyroid gland context with overweight and in extreme cases, obesity. I’d love to know what the connection between them is? Answer: Hypothyroidism (thyroid) secretes the hormones thyroxine and T3. These hormones are responsible for the ...

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The Eastern (Indian) Approach to Hypothyroidism Treatment

The Indian Approach to Hypothyroidism Treatment

Eastern Indian medicine has a different approach to the common western explanation for conventional reasons of the development of hypothyroidism in women. The explanation is interesting, mainly because the profile of women suffering from the condition is very appropriate to ...

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Impact Pregnancy Thyroid on You

impact pregnancy thyroid

Before we dive in, some physiology – What is the role of the thyroid hormones and how this level is regulated? Thyroid hormones are critical for normal growth and development to embryos life, infancy and childhood. In adults they are ...

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skinb5 coupon code acne treatment

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