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Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period
Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period

Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period?

Your thyroid is one of your endocrine glands that is located in your neck. The endocrine glands are responsible for making the hormones our body produces and uses. The thyroid uses iodine to create both T4 and T3 hormones. These hormones affect almost every aspect of the human body from our metabolism rate to our heart rates.

Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period and Leave me Infertile?

When a couple go to a fertility doctor because they are having difficulties getting pregnant the first test the doctor is likely to order is a thyroid function test. When your body has insufficient amounts of the thyroid hormones your periods can be affected and your ovulation cycle can be disrupted.

If a pregnant woman has an underactive thyroid it can cause her to miscarry and lose the baby. If she has the condition and does not have it treated during pregnancy it can cause severe birth defects in the infant.

Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period and Cause Mood Swings?

An underactive thyroid can cause the menstrual cycle to become abnormal. Some women will stop ovulating and stop having their cycle altogether. Some women will have an increased flow that lasts longer than normal. When women are having irregular periods the doctor will check their thyroid because correcting a thyroid hormone imbalance can correct the lack of a menstrual cycle.

Mood swings are definitely affected by the amount of thyroid hormones present in your body. A lot of the women that seem to be suffering from depression and irritability are really having these symptoms appear because they have low thyroid hormone levels. When the hormones are brought back up to a proper level the women no longer have feelings of depression and they become less irritable.

Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period and Lessen my Libido?

The amount of sexual desire you have is directly linked to the hormone levels in your body. Men experience a decreased sex drive due to an underactive thyroid gland more frequently than women do. The lessening of the libido is one of the first signs that a man may have hypothyroidism.

Can Thyroid Medicine Affect my Period and Regulate my Cycle?

Doctors often use thyroid medications to help women with low hormone levels get their menstrual cycles back on an even track. Irregular cycles are often the body’s way of telling you something is not quite right. When you stop experiencing normal monthly cycles at regular intervals you need to seek the advice of a doctor.

When young women are very late bloomers, or when young ladies do not start their menstrual cycles by the time they reach the age their mother was when she began hers they need to see a doctor. You normally begin to menstruate around the same age that your mother was when she began. An underactive thyroid can delay the start of menstruation in young girls. The girl may need an injection of hormones to get her body started having a monthly cycle.

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