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Dukan Diet OatBran Special

Dukan Diet Oat Bran on SALE 15% Off

Did We mean to say Oat Meal Or Oat Bran?

We all know Oats, the positive qualities, but not all are aware that there is a difference between oats (oatmeal) and oat bran. Oat bran is considered to be a good source of complex carbohydrate with really high protein values compared to the cereal family. 3.5 oz (100 grams) of oat bran (Cup) has 0.5 oz (17.3g) protein, 0.25 oz (7g) of Fat (of which 0.04 oz (1.3g) saturated), 246 calories, 50.8g carbohydrate, 15.4g fiber, 58g of calcium and 0 grams cholesterol.

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A little About Oat Bran:

Oat bran is actually the hard outer layers of the cereal grain. The soluble fiber beta-glycan is also found to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels (lowers the risk of heart disease by reducing LDL (“bad”) cholesterol) and improving your immune system functions. Caloric value of oat bran is much lower than that of whole oatmeal (246 calories versus 389) and contains a greater amount of fiber.

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Dukan Diet OatBran Special

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