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Iron deficiency
Iron deficiency

How Does Iron Deficiency Cause Hypothyroidism?

When it comes to our health we are just now starting to understand the key roles that all of the minerals and vitamins play in our lives. Most people know that vitamins are needed for proper health, but they are not sure about exactly which ones they need, or why they need them. This lack of detailed understanding of our bodies needs leads to complications and malfunctions. Iron is one of those minerals that we all know we are supposed to have, but few of us realize what an iron deficiency can do to our bodies.

How does iron deficiency cause hypothyroidism?

Iron is critical to the delivery of oxygen to the cells that make up the body. The thyroid is made up of cells so a low iron amount in the body can mean that the thyroid does not receive adequate amounts of oxygen to sustain it.


Another answer to how does iron deficiency cause hypothyroidism is to explain that iron is a key element in the hormone synthesis that the thyroid produces. The body has to convert the hormone T4 to T3 to be able to use it properly. The main thing that helps this conversion take place is selenium. Iron also plays a role in this conversion process.

Thyroid peroxidase is an enzyme that is highly dependent on the iron levels in your body. The thyroid peroxidase is needed to add iodine to the amino acids so they can produce the T4 and then convert them to T3 for use.

Normal thyroid metabolism

“How does iron deficiency cause hypothyroidism” is best answered by you understanding that there are four key elements needed for a normal thyroid hormone metabolism. You need iron and you need iodine for the hormones to metabolize correctly. You also must have zinc and selenium for proper metabolism of the thyroid hormone to take places.

Iron deficiency and low metabolism go hand in hand

Many people who are overweight complain of feeling fatigued the majority of the time. Part of the reason why these individuals feel so tired is that their iron count is dangerously low. When their iron runs low it causes the blood sugar levels to increase and the body to store more excess fat by reducing the rate that the body uses the calories you consume. It creates a vicious circle of weight gain and fatigue that stops the person from feeling like exercising.

I cannot have low iron because I eat a good diet

Many people are under the false assumption that they eat a well-balanced diet and therefore they cannot be suffering from an iron deficiency. These assumptions are dangerously wrong, and because an iron deficiency does not always have immediate symptoms the person can allow their body to decline in health because they just do not know the truth.

It is true that the low iron problems most people hear about are believed to be caused by poor nutrition, but that is not the only cause. You should have your blood levels checked periodically to ascertain how your levels are.

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