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Control Metabolism
Control Metabolism

How to Control My Metabolism

Your metabolism rate is basically how fast your body consumes calories that you take in. That is a very simple explanation. Understand that metabolism is a term used to describe many different processes that are happening in the human body. Metabolism is not just one element, but rather several elements combined to determine the rate at which your body will consume the energy it receives.

How to Control My Metabolism with Energy Use

The amount of energy you use when you are exercising, or doing nothing, is only about twenty percent of the daily amount of energy consumed by your body. Brain function requires energy and so do all of the other bodily functions that you have. Increasing the amount of energy your muscles use is a good way to increase the amount of calories and fat stores that your body burns up. Combined with a good diet this is the only safe and effective way to reduce weight.

Have you ever heard the old saying why run, when you can walk, why walk when you can stand still, and why stand when you can sit? Well the reason why is to allow your body to use more of the food you have put into it.

When you are sitting down you will use about 1.7 kilojoules of energy per hour. If you stand up for that same hour you would use 2.1 kilojoules. If you walked rapidly for the same hour you would increase the number of kilojoules used per hour to 14.2. Running for that hour would more than double the number, bringing it up to 29.3. The activity we are engaged in has a direct influence on the amount of energy our body will need to use.

As we increase the amounts our muscles use we also increase the amounts some of our organs will use. The body must balance between the amount it takes just to sustain life, and the amount it takes for the muscles to continue in the activity they are engaged in. Fatigue is a sign that your body needs more fuel in order to keep you doing what you are doing.

How to Control My Metabolism with Food

As you eat you raise your metabolism rate. This happens because it takes energy for you to chew and digest the food you are eating each raise the metabolism by different percentages.

Eating high fat foods will cause the basic metabolism rate in your body to increase by as much as 5%. When you eat carbohydrates your basic metabolism rate will increase by as much as ten percent. Proteins are the best way to increase your basic metabolism rate because they raise it by as much as thirty percent. If you really want to have a significant effect on the rate you are burning the energy you are consuming you will want to eat hot and spicy foods.

How to Control My Metabolism to Prevent Diseases

The metabolism can be related to diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. To stop your metabolism from helping to create these conditions in your body control it with proper food intake and exercise output.

You should eat five or six small meals a day to keep the body’s glycemic index at the correct levels. You should also make certain that you eat enough foods that are rich in iron, selenium, and iodine.

How to Control My Metabolism after 50

As we age our bodies naturally begin to slow down. We process foods differently and we burn fewer calories than we once did because we are less active. This may be the main reason for the condition we jokingly refer to as “middle age spread”.

In order to help the body adjust to the slower pace you will need to reduce the amount you eat, especially of things that are high in sugar and fat. Luckily as we age it takes less food to fill us up so we normally start to cut down on our food intake.

You can also strive to remain as active as possible to help your body maintain a metabolism rate that matches your food intake.

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