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How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively
How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively

How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively

Most of the time the condition of an underactive thyroid can be treated successfully with alternative medicine practices. This does not mean that you do not need the advice of a medical professional. This means that lifestyle changes and better food choices can make the difference between a lifetime of prescription medications.

How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively using natural Foods

A large number of the cases of hypothyroidism in the world are caused by a deficiency in the amount of iron a person has in their blood. Another major contributing factor to hypothyroidism is a deficiency in the amount of iodine and selenium in a person’s blood. All three of these elements can be gotten from natural sources of food.

Having too little iron in your body can cause many adverse side effects, including reduced thyroid hormone production. If a person overdoses on iron from supplements they can be in grave danger and suffer many adverse side effects. One of the best ways to get iron into your system is to eat foods that are rich sources of iron.

When you get iron from the food you eat your body will only absorb the amount of iron it needs and the excess will be disposed of as waste. You cannot overdose on iron from foods even if you eat live, which is high in iron, three meals a day, 365 days out of the year. Your body knows what it needs and that is all it will take from the food you ingest.

Liver and other organ meats are high in iron content. Many cereals on the grocer’s shelves are fortified with iron because it is hard to get children to eat organ meats. The iodine you need each day can be gotten from the use of iodized salt on your foods. You can also get your iodine and selenium from sea foods like shrimp, crab, and oysters. Dairy products are great sources of the vitamins and minerals it takes to keep the thyroid operating at full capacity.

How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively using Supplements

Some people either do not absorb the nutrients in their food correctly, or some of them cannot eat enough food to get a balance of the things they need to regulate their thyroid hormones. This may be due in a large way to the normal aversion to liver meat, heart meat, lung, and the other organ meats.

If you cannot tolerate these foods you can get your daily recommended doses of iron, iodine, and selenium, along with all of the other things your body needs, through vitamin supplements. Please make certain you get your doctor to recommend doses and levels of the different things for you.

You also want to make certain that you are buying a high quality supplement from a reputable manufacturer and distributor. In other words, the dollar stores are not the best sources to get your vitamins and supplements from. Try the health food stores and your local pharmacy.

How to Overcome Hypothyroidism Alternatively in Children

When this condition is diagnosed in a child it is generally done so within a couple of weeks of birth. These children need the medication the doctor prescribes to overcome their lack of thyroid hormones. This is critical and natural food alternatives are too slow and the children are too young to ingest them.

As children grow we should make certain that they do get the recommended levels of iron, selenium, and iodine, so they stand a better chance of never having problems with their thyroid gland.

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