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How to treat excessive hunger caused by Hypothyroidism

Why Excessive Hunger Caused by Hypothyroidism is More Tempting than a Cinnabon

small breackfastCan Hypothyroidism Cause Hunger?

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones for the body to use. The hormones that this little gland produces actually help to regulate the majority of systems in your body. Excessive hunger is one of the many symptoms people with a low producing thyroid complain of.

You have to treat the excessive hunger in smart ways or you will simply start to gain enormous amounts of weight. You do not want to gain a large amount of weight and you do not want to be hungry twenty-four hours a day either. So how do you control the hunger and keep the calories from adding up?

How to Control Hypothyroidism Hunger?

To start with you should be on medication prescribed by the doctor to help balance your thyroid hormone levels. These medicines help to balance the levels of T-3 and T-4 in your system, but they are not miracle cures, and they rarely work quickly. You will have to do other things in conjunction with taking the medication to control the hunger you are experiencing.

The Key Hunger Reducing Factor

Eat small meals throughout the day rather than eating three large meals. You can better control your hunger, and maintain proper blood sugar levels, if you eat several small meals each day. You should try and break your eating cycle up so that you can fit in about six small meals each day.

Watch the number of carbohydrates that you consume. When you eat a high carbohydrate content food like white bread you will actually get a little boost of energy and then your body will crave some more of the carbohydrate so it will tell you that you are hungry again. You continue to eat the high carbohydrate foods to satisfy this increasing hunger and you gain weight, become sluggish, and feel miserable.

Get white bread, potato chips, candy bars, and things that are carbohydrate rich out of your house and out of your diet. Replace them with foods that are higher in protein. Protein also provides the body with energy, but it takes it a little more time to take affect than a carbohydrate does. The carbohydrate gives quick energy and the protein brings energy on slower.

eat small meals all the day

The small meals will allow you to balance a small amount of carbohydrate with protein so that you get the energy and it continues throughout the day. Replacing white bread with whole grain wheat bread will allow you to give your body some of the carbs you need, and provide you with slower acting carbs as well.

foods for hypothyroidism 600

Fruit is good for you, but eat it in moderation. Fruit is filled with natural sugars and unfortunately we can eat too much of these good foods and gain weight. Learn to munch on a small serving of almonds or cashews and keep your fruit servings small as well.

eat air blown popcorn

Eat air popped popcorn to help satisfy the hunger, and try some low fat cheeses and pretzels. The amount of fat you consume will need to be regulated along with the carbs. Try to balance your diet appropriately.

The Bottom Line

First we recommend that you take control and regulate your Thyroid Hormone levels naturally by consuming the recommended foods to treat Hypothyroidism. We encourage you to visit Hypothyroidism Revolution for a perfect natural solution for your Hypothyroidism condition (Click Here >> for Hypothyroidism Revolution direct program link). After you balanced your Thyroid Hormone levels you are ready to fight Hypothyroidism caused hunger, with the tips we provided you with in this article.

Now you are ready for some ready meals to make your hunger disappear!

Let us know if you need more information on Hypothyroidism and Hunger.


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