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Levothyroxine for Weight Loss
Levothyroxine for Weight Loss

How to Use Levothyroxine for Weight Loss

Levothyroxine is a drug that is used to treat the condition known as hypothyroidism. You cannot get this medication without a prescription. One reason for this is that if you have a normally functioning thyroid gland and you take this medication it can be like taking poison.

For people who have hypothyroidism this drug is safe and it helps them to shed some of the weight that their underactive thyroid made them gain. The underactive thyroid slows the metabolism of the body. The slower the metabolism the less fuel the body needs to operate. If you are consuming more calories at a meal that you are using in the few hours following the meal then your body is turning those extra calories into fat stores to be used at a later date.

Hypothyroidism also can cause symptoms of excessive bouts of hunger. People with this condition may get up from the dinner table after eating until they are full and go in search of a snack.

How to Use Levothyroxine for Weight Loss without Changing your Diet

Unless your doctor advises you otherwise you do not have to change your diet when you begin to take this medication. You will more than likely drop some weight without having to change your diet. You will not be as hungry so you will be less likely to snack in between meals. Your metabolism rate will return to normal and you will burn more calories without doing anything extra.

The drawback to this is the fact that it will more than likely take several months for your imbalance of thyroid hormones to get back to their proper level. It will also likely take several months before you see real changes from taking the medication.

How to Use Levothyroxine for Weight Loss without Exercising

If you want to do something to promote faster weight loss, but the idea of exercising makes you cringe, then you are in luck. Because you are naturally going to start burning more calories a few dietary changes may make all the difference for you. You can start by eating nothing starchy after 3 PM. This is the no white at night rule that has you eat carbs only when your body will have the opportunity to burn them off after the meal.

Eat a sensible diet filled with fresh fish, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and refrain from sugary foods with little nutritional value. Spend your calories wisely and you will lose the added pounds you have gained.

How to Use Levothyroxine for Weight Loss Quickly

You id not put all of those extra pounds on in just one week so do not expect to lose them that quickly. Gaining weight generally happens over time and losing weight happens over time as well. If you set your weight loss goal to one pound per week you will be removing excess baggage at a healthy rate and giving your body ample time to adjust to the new weight.

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