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Hypothyroid Symptoms in Women
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Hypothyroid Symptoms in Women

Symptoms of hypothyroidism are more prevalent in women than men. This is because of the role of estrogen in repressing the function of the thyroid. Women have naturally higher levels of estrogen than men. Thus, hypothyroid symptoms in women may be inclined with menstrual cycles.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in women are obvious during these stages: puberty, pregnancy and the menopause period. This is the time when there is a drastic shift of estrogen and progesterone in the body. Women with menstrual issues and hormonal imbalances are prone to develop hypothyroidism.

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The bad thing is that these symptoms often go misdiagnosed or not detected. Tests to identify hypothyroidism are not 100% accurate. This makes women with hypothyroidism suffer significantly and experience constant decline in health which can be both threatening and frustrating.

Eventually, these women may resort to long list of prescriptions for different ailments, when the truth is that they are suffering from hypothyroidism. The shocking truth is that, hypothyroidism in women tends to be more serious and life changing if left mistreated.

Therefore, women should always pay close attention to their health particularly the function of their thyroid. This will let them follow proper treatment plan as necessary. The most proven way to identify hypothyroidism is to determine its symptoms.

So, take a look at the common symptoms of hypothyroidism:

    • Unexplained body weakness
    • Extreme cold sensitivity
    • Muscle and joint aches
    • Constipation
    • Weight gain
    • Heavy menstrual flows
    • Dry and rough skin
    • Coarse, brittle hair
    • Emotional or mental problems
    • Depression

Majority of these symptoms will go unrecognized since they are so usual. It is just common to regard these are separate health issues. But if you see yourself suffering from one or two of such symptoms, it might be better to examine your body closely and the way it functions to identify whether you have hypothyroidism.

If these first symptoms left untreated, hypothyroidism will eventually advance. This is specifically the case for depression which could lead to a major depressive condition if caused by a defective thyroid.

Other symptoms of hypothyroidism in women comprise of annoying and uncomfortable physical changes. Take a closer look at some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism brought by improper treatment or no treatment at all.

Hypothyroid Symptoms – Later Stage


    • Puffiness around the face
    • Tired-looking eyes
    • Rough and dry skin that does not react to treatment
    • Hair thinning and loss
    • Extreme muscle pain
    • Mental confusion
    • Memory fluctuations
    • Extreme weakness and sleepiness


Other Hypothyroid Symptoms in Women

Weight gain is among the most evident symptoms of hypothyroidism in women. The defective function of thyroid is not the only responsible for complicating the condition, but other things as well like fatigue and lack of drive.

Gaining weight is due to low thyroid function as this has the potential to slow down metabolism as well as basal and resting rates. Unluckily, reducing calories cannot solve this problem since you may end up cutting down too much calories making your body deprived of the essential nutrients to achieve healthy function.

Due to this, a lot of women who are trying to lose and seem not to work get frustrated. If it is not because you are lacking in exercise or excessive eating, you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

If you see yourself suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, consider that you might be hypothyroid. And if you are serious in your will to get rid of this condition we recommend Hypothyroidism Revolution Treatment, Try It Risk Free!


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