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Hypothyroidism Causes
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Hypothyroidism Causes

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and confusion hanging around about hypothyroidism especially its causes. Majority are misled by believing that the root cause of hypothyroidism is a defective thyroid gland. However, hypothyroidism is brought by many causes and these are needs to be addressed for successful treatment.


Thyroid Gland – Is It the Problem?

Most physicians are trained to judge that majority of hypothyroidism cases; about 95% is a result of a defective thyroid gland that is not capable of making adequate levels of thyroid hormone to sustain your body needs. The doctors can be free from blame since it really makes sense.

If this is the case, 95% of those patients who have undergone supplemental T4 hormone would have responded to the treatment successfully. T4 is being prescribed by doctors since it is the main hormone that the thyroid gland produces.


However, the results of T4 have been not that impressive. Majority of the patients subjected to T4 medication experienced no relief. In fact, a great number get even worse. Most physicians think of the treatment causing more problems than cure. Hence, they ignore the other causes of hypothyroidism and tell their patients that the medication is successful.

How can you protect yourself from this misinformation and from becoming just another one of these 95% of sufferers who are doing it all wrong? 

Hypothyroidism Causes – The Truth about It

It takes a lot of time when your thyroid produces the hormone until these are delivered to your body cells. If any of the process is affected, the end result is hypothyroidism.


Unfortunately, when a single part is broken, the rest suffer and takes a domino effect. So, you need to work in order to restore the process to have it working right again.


While TSH levels are elevated in most cases of hypothyroidism, this does not really indicate the problem. If the process is broken, the thyroid will stop producing other hormones. However, there are other causes involved which can be related to the following.


Conversion of Thyroid Hormone

The thyroid hormone manufactures mainly T4 which is the inactive form and this should be converted to the active form T3 to be used by the body cells. This can be accountable to about 70% of the active thyroid hormone in your body, so it can be a key player in the causes of hypothyroidism. Under this cause are other factors such as the following:

  • Low carb diet
  • Protein deficiency
  • Lack of salt
  • Excessive exercise


Utilization of Thyroid Hormone

The body’s capability to utilize thyroid hormone properly can be one of the causes of hypothyroidism. For instance, polyunsaturated fats can be a major factor that contributes to hypothyroidism. It can suppress the gland from releasing its hormones. Also, this fat blocks thyroid hormone transport in the bloodstream.


Miscellaneous Causes of Hypothyroidism

Of course, there can be countless causes of hypothyroidism and it can be impossible to list all these, but here are some that tops the list.

  • Aging – As you get older, there will be a shift on your thyroid hormone levels. Aging also means reduced thyroid hormone secretion and the body will be deprived of the necessary hormone.
  • Diet – Our diet has become a major culprit in hypothyroidism. There are food items that you tend not to eat, but these can be rich in thyroid hormone. The end result is that your body will be forced to produce its own.

Hopefully, this has provided you a clear insight on the complexity and the real causes of hypothyroidism.

But what if I told you that 95% of hypothyroidism sufferers, like yourself, are using treatment options that are actually causing more harm than good… making you more hypothyroid every day?

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