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Hypothyroidism Exercise
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Hypothyroidism Exercise

Many believe that exercise is beneficial to people who are suffering from hypothyroidism, and others swear that this is just not so truth. Well as always the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some exercises will be beneficial to people with hypothyroidism and some might prove harmful.

Having said that, and you know the correct exercise for treating your Hypothyroidism condition, for faster results you will also need to follow a proper hypothyroidism diet.

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the wrong hypothyroidism exerciseThe Wrong Kind of Hypothyroidism Exercise

I want you to really pay attention to what I’m about to say – The majority of exercises will make your thyroid hormone deficiency worse.

When you place stress on the body the thyroid gland suffers. Most exercises place stress on the body.

Exercise is designed so that it will cause your body to break down the tissue it has stored as fat. Once you finished doing your workout the body starts repairing the damages caused by the physical exertion.

People with hypothyroidism have a condition that prevents their bodies from being able to recover from normal stresses like they should. While the normal person exercise and burns fat, people who suffer from hypothyroidism exercises and sends their body into stress survival mode. Their body does not recover.

Most people with hypothyroidism will eventually get so fatigued that they stop the exercise routine they were engaged in. many of these individuals will suffer a physical injury do to the exercise and the body’s response to them.

Medical studies have been done that show once a person with hypothyroidism starts to do physical exercise their thyroid gland will immediately stop its production of T3.

Your thyroid hormones help to support oxidative energy in your body. The wrong types of exercise counteract this support making the individual have less thyroid hormone than before they started.

I compiled the following list of exercises that people with hypothyroidism cannot engage in for any reason.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardio exercise routines are possibly the worst thing a hypothyroid patient can do. One reason is that people doing a cardio work out push their bodies as hard as they can and this results in high stress levels.

When you use cardiovascular exercises and have a hypothyroid condition it is likely that any weight you lose will be a result of your body breaking down muscle tissue instead of using stored fat. This is stressful on your body and it increases inflammation.

Any Form of Intense Exercise

Intense exercises that people do for shorter amounts of time are becoming more and more popular. The main reason is that people are doing the cardio workouts and they are not seeing the results they think they should see. I believe that most of the people who see no results from cardio work-outs actually have a hypothyroid condition.

People who are hypothyroid do not store sugar in their liver like they should. Intense workouts are fueled by the sugar that should be stored in your liver. If your body does not have enough sugar to fuel the work-out you are doing you put yourself under additional stress. Stress causes inflammation and reduction in the production of the thyroid hormones you need. You are beating a dead horse when you continue with these types of activities.

entance exercise not good for you

The Right Kind of Hypothyroidism Exercise

You will not believe that doing less during your exercise workout is going to be the key to doing it right when you have hypothyroidism.

I am going to explain to you three different exercises that people with hypothyroidism can do to help burn calories, increase their metabolism, and reduce the stress and muscle break-down that occurs with the majority of exercises.

You are going to notice that all three forms of exercise are very similar to each other. The main reason that they sound so very much alike is that all three exercises focus on proper breathing throughout the activity. Proper breathing is far more important than most people realize that it is.

The proper breathing techniques will stimulate and support your oxidative energy system, and thus trigger your body’s natural repair processes through the parasympathetic nervous system.

All three forms of exercise are not intense in nature, but all three exercise types have the person concentrate on harmony and balance throughout the body and the systems of the body. These exercise types are designed to create a balance in the person which is calming and promotes good health for the entire system.

Tai Chi

I am personally a big fan of this type of exercise.

As we age it is natural for our thyroid production to decrease. Many of the ailments that are seen in the elderly people are a direct result to this decrease in thyroid production.

Performing the rituals of Tai Chi could provide the members of our society that have gotten old enough for natural thyroid production decreases to retain better levels of thyroid hormones for a longer period of time. People who are past the age of fifty are starting to see the benefits and are engaging in this activity more than ever before.

Another thing that happens to us as we grow older is that our body does not have the same healing time that it had when we were younger. Tai Chi can help to promote blood flow and improve the healing time for the bodies of older people. Just imagine, if you will, what Tai Chi can do for the body of people who are younger and have a more rapid healing process.

Tai Chi is good exercise for hypothyroidism

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Qigong is very much like Tai Chi in the way it is structured and the way that it calls for the person to use their breathing and muscle control to gain balance in their body. Tai Chis is much more structured when it comes to movements and positions, where Qigong is actually a free style version of the Tai Chi movements.


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People with hypothyroid conditions can benefit from performing some styles of yoga. There are many different types of yoga so make sure the style that you choose is not intense or going to cause any stress on your body. You need to avoid stress and replace intense exercise with calming rituals that use your muscles and your breathing to affect your entire being.

Girl doing Yoga for hypothyroidism

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