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hypothyroidism during pregnancy

Does hypothyroidism during pregnancy last forever?

According to new research, after pregnancy under-active thyroid (Hypothyroidism) usually transient. Postnatal women should get tested six weeks after birth.

Under Hypothyroidism during pregnancy often resolve later on. According to a new study, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Out of the collected date, about 15 % of pregnant women are diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism. Mild thyroid disorder was associated with neuro-sychological development disorder in offspring and other complications, including miscarriage, premature birth, pregnancy hypertension and neonatal mortality, so guidelines recommend drug treatment. More and more pregnant women with mild forms of thyroid dysfunction currently receiving thyroid hormone replacement therapy. However research shows that a large number of these women can stop the medication after pregnancy.

pregnant women hypothyroidism during pregnancy

The study included 523 pregnant women with no history of thyroid disorder, between the years 1999-2004. During pregnancy, 65 Of the 523 women (12.4 %) were diagnosed with sub – clinical hypothyroidism. After five years of follow up, 49 of the 65 women (75.4 %) with sub – clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy, showed normal thyroid function.

Only 2 of the 44 women (4.4 %) with thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy recorded elevated TSH levels (above 4.5 mIU / L) after pregnancy. Among women with subclinical under active thyroid during pregnancy, those with Thyroid peroxidase antibodies during pregnancy registered more often ​​increased TSH values after pregnancy.

This suggests that women with mild thyroid dysfunction are recommended for re-evaluation six weeks after birth, current guidelines which suggest that follow-up period in women with a diagnosis of sub- clinical activity of the thyroid gland before pregnancy. However, in view of the high risk of recurrence of subclinical hypothyroidism in subsequent pregnancies, tests assessing thyroid function early in subsequent pregnancies must be re-taken.

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