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June special offers – Personalabs and JustGetTested

We would like to introduce you to Personalabs. Where blood test, DNA test and STD test are reformed privately and in a much lower cost than with your own Doctor.

Here are June Special offers:

Get 15% off specific female-related tests:

Comprehensive Female Checkup, Comprehensive Female Hormone Panel, and Comprehensive Female Sexual Health and Wellness.

Get 10% off other Specific Tests:

related to female hormone profile, complete muscle profile and comprehensive diabetes profile.

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The many benefits include:

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     JustGetTested.com / Small

The many tests on both sites (http://www.justgettested.com/ and http://www.personalabs.com/) offers are just like the ones your doctor would order for you. So what is the advantage Home testing offer? Significant lower costs; Privet and confidential testing process; Comprehensive tests; Much less invasive; No more hassle and the Convenience of nearly 2000 testing locations nationwide (US) from which to obtain blood and specimen samples.

With Personalabs, the testing process is in your control, done according to your free time and schedule, and your insurance company will not have access to the results of your tests unless you choose to share them.

Removing healthcare barriers:

Personalabs wants to help break down those barriers so that anyone can easily get and monitor their healthcare.

Look at this video for more information:

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