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Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism
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Natural Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Natural treatment is fairly subjective to consider as the least. A lot of people only think that it simply entails treating symptoms of hypothyroidism using natural supplements avoiding medical drugs. However, should it be regarded as natural? Well, there is more in terms of natural hypothyroidism treatment and these are often neglected.

In terms of treating hypothyroidism naturally, it is important to deal with the natural ability of the body to heal instead of totally relying on supplements.

Supplements surely have a place but it must be noted that you are not suffering from hypothyroidism because you are lacking in supplements.


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The Significance of Diet

A lot of people do not understand that diet is an essential factor for treating hypothyroidism naturally.

Foods have significant effects to your thyroid. Your diet commands the hormones in your body as well as the proper functioning of your health and systems that have a tremendous impact on hypothyroidism.

So, your diet should support your thyroid to achieve true healing. Some may compensate partially by relying on supplements alone but it does not eradicate the damage caused by poor diet.

Below are the 3 main components of an all natural and true hypothyroidism treatment.

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Balancing Hormones

Each hormone tends to have a direct or indirect effect on each other. Thus, balancing these is an integral part of natural hypothyroidism treatment.

  • Progesterone and Estrogen – Hypothyroidism occurs more in females since they produce more estrogen compared to men. However, this ailment is becoming common in men today. Once estrogen suffers from imbalance, this can entirely suppress the thyroid. On the other hand, progesterone can offset estrogen and encourage healthy thyroid functioning.
  • Cortisol and Insulin – Insulin is essential because it plays a significant role when it comes to glycogen storage needed to convert T4 to T3 as well as the delivery of nutrients. Cortisol on the other hand, has opposite effects.
  • Pregnenolone – It is a hormone precursor for the natural steroids produced by the body such as progesterone. Hypothyroid patients cannot produce this hormone since it requires thyroid hormone for production.

Liver Support

Few people know the huge role of the liver in the entire thyroid process. If you have an unhealthy liver, it cannot store glycogen properly. Liver needs adequate sufficient glycogen to convert T4 to its active form, T3. Also, a damaged liver cannot detoxify properly so the hypothyroid problem can get worse.

Selecting the Right Type of Supplements

Before talking about the role of supplements in hypothyroidism, it is essential to remember than diet should always come first. Without dwelling on the diet, all forms of hypothyroidism treatment can be less effective.

However, it is also essential to tackle the natural effects of processes that affect the thyroid which may be uncontrollable.

Aging entails slowed hormone production and this may mean less production of thyroid hormone as well as shielding steroid hormones.

This is where proper supplements and medications should come into the picture as a part of the natural treatment regimen.

Final Considerations

It is essential to find proper supplements in right amount that will respond to your body’s particular needs. For instance, some only requires T3 while others need both T3 and T4 in right amounts.

As you go through treating hypothyroidism naturally and your hormones undergo balancing, the effectiveness of supplements can be heightened.

Optimistically, now you already know that natural hypothyroidism treatment includes more than utilizing natural supplements. It is more of letting the body’s natural healing mechanism to take place.

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