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Hyperthyroidism Increases complications Rate in Pregnancy and childbirth

hyperthyroidism during pregnancy

A retrospective study examined the impact of overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) on pregnancy outcomes on the mother and the newborn. The study lasted for 28 years and it included about 200 women with Hyperthyroidism and – 400 women as control group. ...

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Does hypothyroidism during pregnancy last forever?

hypothyroidism during pregnancy

According to new research, after pregnancy under-active thyroid (Hypothyroidism) usually transient. Postnatal women should get tested six weeks after birth. Under Hypothyroidism during pregnancy often resolve later on. According to a new study, recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology ...

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Hypothyroidism Treatment During Pregnancy has not led to an increase in newborn IQ

pregnant woman Hypothyroidism Treatment During pregnancy has not led to an increase in newborn IQ

We are aware that many of you are anxious about the effects of congenital Hypothyroidism and the possible ways of treatment. That is why we brought you the results of the following study that we hope will shed some more ...

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