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Signs of Thyroid Problems
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Signs of Thyroid Problems

There are a lot of thyroid problems that you should think about if you feel you are suffering from hypothyroidism. However, do not think that you need to experience all the different symptoms of hypothyroidism since it differ from one person to another.

Yet, there are symptoms that are more common compared to others.

Below are few of the common thyroid problem signs that you should consider together with some medically oriented examinations that serves as good indicators.


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Thyroid Problems – Physical Signs

There are a lot of physical signs related to thyroid problem and some of the common ones will be tackled below. Even though you do not exhibit these physical signs, it does not mean you are clear from it.

For instance, professional athletes have high demand for their craft and they tend to look in good shape. However, most athletes tend to be hypothyroid due to stress.


Hypothyroidism has the tendency to reduce your metabolism rate. Your capability to shed weight and not just your weight reflects a thyroid problem. With hypothyroidism, the body’s ability to burn calories is reduced. Yet, the body needs enough nutrients to function properly and it can be too late before you realize you are experiencing nutrient deficiencies.


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Water Retention

Your body tends to absorb higher amounts of water and this caused edema or swelling particularly in the abdomen and ankles.



It is another common sign of a thyroid problem. It occurs especially in the face and it is not related to weight. This can happen even in skinny people.


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Hair, Nails and Skin

Your hair may suffer from significant changes if you are hypothyroid. It can become course, dry or brittle.

Other problems include hair thinning or hair loss which may include hair in other parts of the body like your eyelashes or eyebrows.

Your skin may become coarse, thick, scaly and dry. Consequently, your hair can become flaky and brittle.


Cold extremities

Feeling cold particularly in the extremities is a common sign of hypothyroidism. It will be helpful to put your hand over your bare chest to give you an idea of the difference between core and extremity temperature. If you feel the cold sensation in your hand, you may be hypothyroid.


Thyroid Problems – Medical Signs

Apart from the physical symptoms, there are also various medical signs that you should be aware of to help determine hypothyroidism.


High Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol levels are parallel to the function of your thyroid. If you have high cholesterol level, your thyroid function is low.

Researches have revealed that treating your cholesterol levels also mean normalizing your thyroid function.


Low Temperature in the Morning

This medical sign can be monitored without the help of a doctor or medical equipment. All you need to have is a good thermometer and a sleep at night.

If you measure your morning temperature just as you wake up, it can serve as an accurate hypothyroidism indicator.

If your basal temperature is at 36.6 ° C or 97.9 ° F or lower, your thyroid might be suffering or your have hypothyroidism.


Sluggish Achilles Reflex

Hypothyroidism can cause slow nerve reflexes. The Achilles reflex is one of the tests that doctors use to indicate hypothyroidism. This can be done by triggering the reflex as you prop your knee with the ankle hanging.


If you have a normal thyroid, your foot will reflex and return to the normal position fast.

Here are the basic signs indicating hypothyroidism. Yet, remember that thyroid function can decline with age. Hence, following a hypothyroidism diet is advised to achieve better health.

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