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The Indian Approach to Hypothyroidism Treatment

The Eastern (Indian) Approach to Hypothyroidism Treatment

Eastern Indian medicine has a different approach to the common western explanation for conventional reasons of the development of hypothyroidism in women.

The explanation is interesting, mainly because the profile of women suffering from the condition is very appropriate to their descriptions in Indian medicine. Eastern (Indian) perception, body powered by energy, as the chakras are energy centers that power the body and allow it to function and operate efficiently.

thyroid gland and the throat chakra connection w errow 600

If the energies don’t flow freely through its paths – that means the chakras energetically ‘blocked’ – a condition that could generate illness. The throat chakra, located in parallel to the thyroid gland, is responsible among other things to maintain the balance and normal relationship between inside and out, especially regarding emotional issues.

Therefore women who have issues expressing themselves; have difficulty standing up for their own or can’t express (not to mention demand) their desires while bottling everything inside tend to develop hypothyroidism.

The recommendation in such cases, according to Indian medicine, is to word out and explain what you feel, say whatever is on your mind and stop feeling ashamed and in fear to when you want to let things out.

In other words – Just Let It Out!

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eastern medicin hypothyroidism treatment VS conventioanl

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