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The Top 10 Myths about Hypothyroid
The Top 10 Myths about Hypothyroid

The Top 10 Myths about Hypothyroid

There are urban myths and legends about thyroid conditions that could actually get someone hurt. The following top 10 myths about hypothyroid conditions are proven to be false. Most people spread the top 10 myths about hypothyroid because they have actually heard this information from people they trust, like their grandmothers, mothers, friends, and neighbors.

The Top Ten Myths about Hypothyroid and why they are not true

  1. Hypothyroidism is contagious. You will notice that often times many members of a family will all suffer from the condition of hypothyroidism. The condition is inherited because it is passed along in the DNA from the mother to the child, but you cannot catch hypothyroidism by being in close proximity to another individual. 
  2. Hypothyroidism makes it impossible for you to lose weight. The truth is that hypothyroidism slows your metabolism down makes it easier for you to put on weight, and even makes it more challenging to shed the unwanted pounds. It does not however prevent you from being able to lose weight.
  3. Hypothyroid is a condition in old people. The truth of the matter is, newborn infants can experience complications with their thyroid glands. All newborns are checked within the first few days of their birth to make certain that their thyroid glands are producing the right amount of hormones.
  4. People who have over active thyroid glands cannot gain weight. People with overactive thyroid glands do sometimes have excessive weight loss. The weight loss is often what clues them into the fact that they are sick. Not all people with this condition are underweight.
  5. Thyroid conditions are easy to detect and diagnose. The underactive thyroid is one of the most difficult problems to accurately diagnose. The blood tests that are done to prove the thyroid is not functioning properly will often read within the normal perimeters even though the person has hypothyroidism. A doctor must consider where on the scale of normal levels the person reads and what their other symptoms indicate before they can make the determination of an underactive thyroid gland.
  6. Thyroid conditions are easily remedied. This is not true. People who suffer from low thyroid hormones have to follow a diet regiment to keep the imbalances in their body corrected. They often have to take medications on a daily basis to raise their thyroid hormone levels. It can take several weeks, and even months before these patients see results from the medications and treatments they are using.
  7. People who have hypothyroid will have to take medication for the condition forever. There are patients who have to stay on a regimen of synthetic hormones because their thyroid will never function properly again. There are people who can improve their condition with diet and other natural remedies so they do not have to take medication at all.
  8. If you have hypothyroidism you will know it. The truth of the matter is that many people have this condition for long periods of time before they discover it. The main reason is that they should no signs or symptoms of the condition, or the signs they did have were not clear enough to make them seek medical treatment.
  9. If you have a thyroid condition you will get goiters and your eyes will bulge out. Most patients go to the doctor and get treated long before these symptoms have time to occur.
  10. Thyroid replacement hormones cannot stop the side effects of the condition. This was thought to be the case because once people are diagnosed it can take several weeks to months before the symptoms of the condition begin to be less severe.

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