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Thyroid Symptoms in Men
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Thyroid Symptoms in Men

The number of thyroid symptoms that exists is significant in number, but the medical community is not focusing on most of them. This is certainly the case in most of the thyroid symptoms in the male population. In such cases, the symptoms are all dismissed or overlooked since these have been attributed wrongly with health conditions or problems that are unrelated.

The truth is your health is largely based on the thyroid, so when hypothyroidism strikes that you will realize that the damage has been more obvious.

It is really simple. If the cells fail to get the needed thyroid nutrients or hormones to stay healthy, the overall health will be affected. Since this may involve any cells in the body, the symptoms in males have certain limitations.

Obtain Precise Diagnosis

Almost all men believe that thyroid is only for metabolism and it will remain healthy so long as they maintain a stable weight. Yet, thyroid symptoms in males do not always come with weight gain.

Unluckily, present medical tests for hypothyroidism are not that dependable. Due to this, many are not aware that there is something wrong with the thyroid function.

It is more precise to base diagnosis on symptoms checklist. Yet, scientific validation can validate hypothyroidism simply by your pulse or BBT (Basal Body Temperature). Thus, you can perform diagnosis without spending too much on unnecessary tests.

So, it is useful to have a good knowledge and understanding of the different thyroid symptom in males. Unfortunately, there is a lacking awareness on hypothyroidism these days.

Alarming Thyroid Symptoms in Males

Most men are stubborn speaking of health problems. They tend to delay before seeing a doctor for any health concern.

So, take a look at the common hypothyroidism symptoms that males need to know to get the needed help in reversing the problem as soon as it occurs.

  • Symptom 1 – Heart Disease

There are several factors that cause heart disease and why it occurs more in men than females. Men produce less progesterone making them more prone to heart disease.

Studies have revealed that men who experiences heart attacks also have relatively high estrogen levels. This is essential since estrogen contributes to hypothyroidism development.

High levels of estrogen makes calcium enter organ cells also the heart. So, keeping the thyroid healthy will reduce the risks of hypothyroidism.

  • Symptom 2 – Diminished Infertility and Libido 

Hypothyroidism results to increased estrogen levels that are associated to a number of negative health outcomes like hormonal imbalances. Also, progesterone and testosterone are affected in case of hypothyroidism. This will lead to reduced sperm production and libido.

  • Symptom 3 – Balding or Thinning of Hair

Hair loss is among the thyroid symptoms annoying to most men. This makes them grimace looking in the mirror.

  • Symptom 4 – Puffiness and Weight Gain

Puffiness and weight gain particularly in the facial area are usual symptoms of hypothyroidism. Men tend to carry and gain excess weight than women due to water retention related to unhealthy cells.

  • Symptom 5 – Issues in Mental Health

This is a rarely talked about symptom in men. Uncontrolled stress hormones related to hypothyroidism could lead to depression and anxiety.

This makes you more prone to stress and may ruin your family life and relationships. This is a type of problem that does not require counseling, but correction of hormonal issues.

By making simple diet changes and correcting the imbalances, you can get rid of the typical thyroid symptoms in males and enjoy a better life.



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