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Top 10 Foods that Affect Thyroid
Top 10 Foods that Affect Thyroid

Top 10 Foods that Affect Thyroid

Two of the leading causes of low thyroid hormone production are related to food. Iron deficiencies have been known to cause people to have hypothyroidism. Iodine deficiencies are likely to be considered the number one cause of thyroid production that is not adequate.

When you have hypothyroidism the doctor will likely want to treat your condition by prescribing you a medication that will help to raise your thyroid hormone levels. They will also be likely to ask you to make a few dietary changes so that your body can also begin to heal itself naturally.

5 Good Foods that Affect Thyroid

  1. Use iodized salt to replenish the iodine levels in your system.
  2. Eat liver and organ meats for added iron. You can also eat fortified cereals to increase your iron in your diet.
  3. Cook with cold pressed olive oil for Vitamin E
  4. Eat winter squash to increase beta carotene.
  5. Increase the amounts of shellfish, dairy and eggs you consume for added zinc

5 Bad Foods that Affect Thyroid

  1. Any and all soy based products are detrimental to people who have hypothyroidism. Avoid foods containing soy as much as possible.
  2. Brussels sprouts need to be avoided at best and cooked at least. Do not eat these vegetables raw if you have a family history of thyroid conditions or goiters.
  3. Peanuts need to be roasted, or boiled, and eaten in small quantities to avoid having a swollen goiter form in your neck.
  4. Spinach should be completely cooked before it is eaten by people with thyroid conditions. Even cooked spinach should be eaten in moderation by these individuals.
  5. Peaches should only be consumed after they have been cooked because they are known to cause swelling in and around the thyroid gland. Once cooked the fruit seems to be safe for thyroid patients to consume infrequently.

You have to balance your diet, your exercise, and your doctor prescribed medications in order to beat thyroid conditions like hypothyroidism. These conditions come on slowly over time and by the time the majority of people begin to feel the symptoms of the problem their thyroid has not been functioning correctly for years.

When the doctor prescribes oral medications to raise your thyroid hormone levels they know that it will take time before results from this medication will be obvious. The doctor may even have to change the medicine they prescribe for you before you begin to see the results.

During the time you are waiting for the medicine to begin to alleviate your signs and symptoms you can be making the necessary lifestyle changes that are going to improve your health, your mental abilities, and your outlook on life.

A low fat diet that is high in whole grain foods has been proven to be beneficial in helping people to overcome fatigue, stress, and depression problems. The blood starts pumping when you exercise and the endorphin start to make you feel better and happier.

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