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naturally treat back acne with vitamin B5

How to Treat Back Acne with Vitamin B5

Just like facial acne, back acne is caused by hyper activity of the sebaceous glands on the skin, dead cells and bacteria trapped in the skin pores then emerging as black heads or pimples. However outbreaks of acne on the back might also stem from the friction of tight clothing, tight sportswear or the presence of sweat due to lack of ventilation (synthetic clothing) and worsens the skin sanitation on your back.

naturally treat back acne with vitamin B5


Back Acne: the genetic component

Having said that, back acne also come from genetics (genes that make you create more milk glands on your skin), and relatively high levels of the male hormone. Testosterone stimulates the hair follicles and sebaceous glands that produce “milk”. Such hormonal imbalance can result in back acne in women.

Why is acne found on our backs? Since the density of sebaceous glands where it is the largest, and because the skin on our back tends to be thicker – add to that the fact that the area is not ventilated enough from sweating and tight-fitting clothes wich in turn creates an ideal platform for outbreaks of acne and tend to stick stubbornly there.

how to treat back acne with vitamin B5

How to Treat back acne with natural remedies?

Curing Back Acne starts with cleaning

If you tend to develop acne on your back you should make sure you shower more – not necessarily more soaping of the back but keep rubbing it with a loofah or a back reaching brush. This greatly helps to remove dead skin cells, exfoliates old skin, renewing the skin and prevents the capture remnants of dead cells in hair follicles (which contributes to the creation of blackheads and acne.(

* Pantothenic acid – Vitamin B5

Physiologically activates the synthesis of cholesterol and steroid hormones. The B5 vitamin becomes efficient in high-dose for treatment of acne. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) helps women who suffer from a worsening in acne before menstrual cycle because of its role in proper metabolism of steroid hormones.

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