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Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men
Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men

What are the Symptoms of Hypothyroidism in Men

While most of the symptoms of this condition are present in both males and females there are a few slight differences in the way the symptoms present themselves and how noticeable they are to the patient.

Vague symptoms of hypothyroidism

Not all of the symptoms of hypothyroidism in men are easy to recognize. Some of the symptoms can be markers for other conditions. Whenever you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it may be wise to have your thyroid levels checked before you write the condition off as being part of the aging process.

  • Hair loss may be age related, may be hereditary, and may be a sign of an underactive thyroid gland
  • Depressive disorders that the person cannot seem to shake even with the help of medications.
  • Exhaustion and fatigue that seems to be present without the physical activity to warrant it
  • Changes in body weight like sudden weight losses or weight gains when your lifestyle and diet has not changed. Many men blame this on a middle age spread, but the truth is that they may have a condition that is treatable.
  • Cholesterol level issues like having difficulty maintaining normal cholesterol levels even with diet and medications.
  • Memory loss that appears to begin and worsen over time may not be age related.

Low Thyroid Levels

Increased levels of thyroid hormones cause a person to be overactive and to become to thin, while low thyroid levels cause a person to have a slower metabolism, be unusually tired most of the time, and have a weight increase.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism in men telling the doctors?

The symptoms that the patient displays often tell the doctor an approximate amount of time that you have been suffering with low thyroid levels. The onset of hypothyroidism in men usually presents with little or no symptoms that would concern the man. Only after a period of time will the symptoms become problematic for the individual

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism in men treatable with?

Most men that doctors diagnose as having a problem with their thyroid gland are placed on prescription medications to help increase their thyroid hormone production, or replace their thyroid hormones. It may take a long time before the men see any concrete results of the medications they are prescribed. The process of seeing symptoms from the disease is slow and the process of seeing true results is also slow. Many doctors recommend that their patients also follow diets designed for people with this condition.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism in men that can be cured naturally?

All of the common symptoms of this condition can be reversed and improved by the natural remedies that are used to stop the progression of the disease. Even the memory loss and the hair loss can be improved when the levels of thyroid hormone are stabilized and kept stable.

Most of the natural remedies for this condition are based on the taking of supplements to increase the patient’s level of selenium and iron. Some patients have low iodine levels and there are supplements and natural things they can eat to increase these levels.

Some may suggest relaxation methods and other might recommend a regimen that incorporates more physical exercising.

The majority of practitioners that help people to get on a natural treatment regimen will tell you that the sooner you begin treatment the more likely it is to have a positive effect. Once the condition reaches a certain stage the natural remedies are far less likely to have a positive effect for the patient.

Even with early intervention the patient could be looking at a time period of month to years before they see any real results.

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